Somar Industries Ltd. was originally operated under parent company, The Drywall shop Corporation now knows as DWS Building Supply.  Somar Industries Ltd. was established on January 1, 1999 by Steve Moreno, President of Somar Industries Ltd, and one of four partners of DWS Building Supply.   

Steve has been manufacturing stucco, drywall joint compounds and coatings since 1979 but has been involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and application of stucco products since 1987. He has done extensive research into the development of Unicoat Stucco Products to enssure that its performance works under all geographical locations throughout the United States. In the mid 1980's he expanded the product line to include the Unicoat Stucco System. The rights to the Unicoat Stucco System were acquired in 1999.

To date, Steve continues to improve the products using the latest advancements in raw materials and chemical technology to keep Unicoat the best stucco product in the market.

Somar Industries Ltd. is dedicated to making a superior quality product and adheres to strict manufacturing procedures ensuring that every item that is produced is made to perform the way it should.



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